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Author Topic: CRAB BAIT - the debate of bunker vs chicken parts THE GREAT DEBAIT  (Read 7091 times)
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Steve Clark

« on: June 23, 2004, 09:19:15 PM »

Hey Guys,

I have been reading up on the board recently, only to discover the great debate on baits.  

I have had luck with nearly every bait possible.  I have even used cat food cans that were for sale at  the dollar store 5 for a dollar!  If you use a can opener and put several holes in the can it allows the juices to seap out, and really smells up the water.  The crabs can't really get to the bait as the holes are so tiny, so it can last an easy two days.  I've also had much luck on bluefish, mackeral, and flounder racks.  Basically any fish that I catch and eat gets its wrack twisted and contorted into the bait box.  They usually are good for about a day, but a 8-10 pound bluefish has some serious meat on it, and while they don't fit in the bait box it is amazing how many crabs will come into the trap with the rack just floating on the surface!  It can last a solid week providing food for the trapped crabs, while still drawing in more!  It gets quite rank and really can draw them in!

Hot dogs seem to work as well.  I always seem to find some slimy rank ones in the crisper of the fridge, or occasionally some 2 year old ones inside the freezer.  They aren't great, but they do the trick!

Bunker oil can be a very large booster for crabs!  I frequently shark, so I always have a gallon or two of this stuff laying around.  Its only 10-16 bux a gallon around here, so its worth it!  I like to soak my mackeral in the stuff overnight prior to sharking as a marinade.  I actually poke a bunch of holes into the baits (sharks don't give a [dang] about apperance, the more beat the bait the easier it looks to catch), and then allow them to marinade for a while.  I often times have a few of these macks left after sharking, and they go back in the freezer.  Today I caught 48 crabs in one pot, using one of these marinaded mackeral, and of the 48 crabs (2 green, one spider, and the rest blueclaws) 26 were over 5.5 inches!  I try to release all the sub 5 inch crabs as possible as they are not worth their work for the tiny ammount of meat.  Anyway, that method seems to work quite well!

[dang], those spider crabs are ugly!  Too bad they can't get cooked up and munched on like a king crab!  Some of the ones I get are HUGE!  

Take Care,
Steve Clark

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