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Blue Crab Websites

Maryland Blue Crab
by Maryland's Lower Eastern Shore

This site has plenty of crabbing information including crab lore, crabbing tips, recipes, and more. A must see for any blue crab enthusiast!

The Blue Crab in
Delaware and Maryland

by Beach-Net!

Crabbing has long been associated with the Delaware and Maryland beaches. This site will teach you a little about the fine art of crabbing and offer a couple of recipes for cooking this local delicacy.

Chesapeake Bay Program
America's Premier Watershed Restoration Partnership
Information about Blue Crabs

The Chesapeake Bay Program is a unique regional partnership that has led and directed the restoration of the Chesapeake Bay since 1983. The Chesapeake Bay Program partners include the states of Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia; the District of Columbia; the Chesapeake Bay Commission, a tri-state legislative body; the Environmental Protection Agency, representing the federal government; and participating citizen advisory groups. For more, visit our Overview of the Chesapeake Bay Program.

Bay Journal

The Chesapeake Bay Newspaper (a free publication!) Articles pertaining to the Chesapeake Bay, including the blue crab.

The Crustacean Society

The purpose of the Crustacean Society is to advance the study of all aspects of the biology of crustaceans, and to enhance the exchange of information among persons interested in them.

U.S. Food & Drug Administration
Regulatory Fish Encyclopedia (Blue Crab)

Includes high resolution images, hazard, market geographic and nomenclature information, taxonomic information, and more for the blue crab.

Crab Lab

Visit the home of Whitey Schmidt, the "Blue Crab Guru", author of the Crabbiest Cookbook and many other fine books.

The Blue Crab Home Page
by Vince Guillory

Provides a starting point for anyone desiring information or data on the life history, ecology, fishery, and industry of the blue crab, and to a lesser extent, on other crabs.

Blue Crab Education
by Virginia Institute of Marine Science

Provides teachers and students with assistance in using web resources to investigate the Chesapeake Bay blue crab. At present it contains links to information and resources in nine topic areas.

Blue Crab Online Resource
By the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center

The blue crab is a famous resident of the Chesapeake Bay. If you travel to the Bay region, it is hard to overlook the many restaurants that offer crab cakes or other tasty dishes made of crab. And not only famous, the blue crab is also very important, as a economic resource in the Chesapeake Bay area, and as a key player in the food web of the Chesapeake Bay. But how much do we really know about the blue crab other than the way it looks on our dinner plate? Where are the blue crabs right now? How fast do they grow, how old do they get? Explore this online resource to learn more about the blue crab.

North Carolina True Blue Crabs

Are you certain you're eating true blue crab meat? North Carolina is the number one producer of blue crab in the United States. It is the most economically valuable fishery to the state! But in less than 5 years, over half of the states processors have been forced to shut down and a coastal way of life is threatened.

TED Case Studies presents
The Blue Crab:
A Declining Resource

Due to overharvesting as well as environmental damage sustained by the Chesapeake Bay, adult populations of the blue crab are decreasing.

NOAA Chesapeake Bay Office
Blue Crab Facts

Includes general information, winter dredge survey, blue crab commercial landing statistics, and stock assessment of the Chesapeake Bay blue crab.


Blue Crab Archives
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