Building a Crabpot

Step 4.

Bait-Box Assembly

Step 4.1

Figure 1.
A piece of eelpot wire, 25 x 12 meshes.

  • Cut a piece of eelpot wire 25 meshes long.

  • Cut this piece in half so that it is 12 meshes wide. It should be almost completely square (see Figure 1.)

  • Reserve the other half for use in a second crabpot.

Step 4.2

Figure 2.
Bending wire into a tube.

  • Bend the wire to form a tube or cylinder shape (see Figure 2.)

Step 4.3

Figure 3a.

Figure 3b.

  • Using crabpot staples, fasten the two edges together, forming a tube (see Figures 3a and 3b.)

Step 4.4

Figure 4.

  • Locate the top of the tube and press its edges together (see Figure 4.) The top of the tube is the rough end. If both ends are smooth, then either can be the top. Figure 3b shows the smooth end which will remain open.

Note that when you cut the eelpot wire in half, one piece must have a rough edge since eelpot wire is 24 meshes wide and the bait-box needs to be 12 meshes wide. Don't worry if this sounds confusing, it'll become apparent when you actually cut out the pieces!

Step 4.5

Figure 5a.

Figure 5b.
  • Using crabpot stapes, fasten the top edge together (see Figures 5a and 5b.)

Note that these two images clearly show the rough (top) edge. It is important that the rough edge be up top since it would be difficult, if not impossible, to attach it to the crabpot otherwise.

Step 4.6

Figure 6.
A completed bait-box.

  • Your completed bait-box should look like that shown in Figure 6.

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