Building a Crabpot

Step 6.

Installing the Bait-Box

Step 6.1

Figure 1a.

Figure 1b.

Figure 1c.

  • Remove one complete mesh from the center of the crabpot's bottom. See figures 1a and 1b for the location. Use figure 1c as a template for what to remove.

Step 6.2

Figure 2a.

Figure 2b.

Figure 2c.
  • Insert the bait-box through the opening.

  • Orient the top "ears" of the bait-box so that they slightly protrude through the floor of the parlor (figure 2a.)

  • Using crabpot staples, fasten the bait-box to the floor (bottom) of the crabpot (figures 2b and 2c.)

Step 6.3

Figure 3a.

Figure 3b.
  • Using crabpot staples, fasten each "ear" of the bait-box to the floor of the parlor (figures 3a and 3b.) This completely secures the bait-box in place and makes it rigid.

Step 6.4

Figure 4.

  • Your crabpot should now resemble the one shown in figure 4.

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