Building a Crabpot

Step 10.

Installing the Cull Rings and Hook

Step 10.1

Figure 1.

  • To complete you crabpot, you'll need two cull rings, a piece of bungee cord, a hook and, optionally, a zinc anode.

Step 10.2

Figure 2a.

Figure 2b.
  • Two cull rings are installed in the upper parlor diagonally opposite of each other.

  • Cut a wire connecting two hexagons and bend to install a cull ring (figures 2a and 2b.)

  • Install the second cull ring in the opposite diagonal corner.

Note: Click here for detailed information about the purpose of cull rings. Among other things, they make your job easier by allowing the small (non-legal) crabs to escape unharmed.

Step 10.3

Figure 3a.

Figure 3b.

Figure 3c.

  • Loop the bungee cord around the top lip of the "hatch" and fasten with crabpot staples.

  • Attach the hook to the other end and hook to side of crabpot.

Step 10.4

Figure 4.

  • If you're using galvanized metal wire for your crabpot, it is highly recommended that you install a sacrificial zinc anode so that your crabpot will hold up longer in saltwater. The anode can be installed wherever you like, just be certain that it has good contact with the metal pot.

Note: The crabpot in this tutorial was made with PVC coated wire and does not need a zinc anode. Click here to learn more information about the purpose of a sacrificial zinc anode.

Step 10.5

Figure 5.

A finished crabpot!!

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