Building a Crabpot

Step 8.

Installing the Entrance Funnels

Step 8.1

Figure 1a.

Figure 1b.

Figure 1c.
  • Orient the crabpot so that one of the sides with bottom edge of the parlor attached is facing you. See figure 1a.
  • Locate the center (along the bottom edge) and cut a hole like the one shown in figure 1a. The piece you remove should resemble figure 1b.
  • Rotate the crabpot 180-degrees to the opposite side and perform the same procedure.
  • Rotate the crabpot 90-degrees (a quarter turn) so now the "V" shaped edge of the parlor is facing you.
  • Using figure 1c as a template, perform the same procedure to this and the opposite side of the crabpot.

Note: The front and back sides are cut using figure 1b as a guide. The left and right sides are cut using figure 1c as a guide. This is due to the fact that the front and back bottom edges are where the 90-degree bends are made in the bottom "U" piece. The left and right bottom edges are where the two "U" pieces are joined together. Therefore the meshes will be off by one row. Makes sense to me!

Step 8.2

Figure 2a.

Figure 2b.

Figure 2c.

  • Working one side at a time, insert the funnel through the opening that you cut. The funnel's seam should face the bottom of the crabpot.

  • Use crabpot staples to attach the funnel to the side of the crabpot (figure 2a.)

  • Bend any protruding wires back into the crabpot so that they will not snag on anything (figure 2c.)

Note that the funnel should ramp upwards when properly installed (see figure 2b.)

Step 8.3

Figure 3.

  • We're almost there! Your crabpot should resemble that shown in figure 3.

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