Building a Crabpot

Step 5.

Attaching the Parlor to the "U" Piece

Step 5.1

Figure 1a.

Figure 1b.

  • Take a "U" piece and attach the parlor. This is accomplished by inserting its ends through the sides of the bottom "U" piece approximately 2 meshes up from the bottom. See Figures 1a and 1b.

Note that the protruding ends of the parlor "fit like a glove" into the bottom "V" notch of each mesh... all that trimming has paid off! Had we not trimmed the wire, the protrusions would be off by a half-mesh and would need to be inserted a full mesh higher or lower to fit correctly. Whew!

Step 5.2

Figure 2a.

Figure 2b.

Figure 2c.

Figure 2d.
  • Fasten the parlor to the sides of the "U" piece by wrapping the protruding wire ends around the sides of the "U" piece. See Figures 2a, 2b, 2c, and 2d for an illustration.

Step 5.3

Figure 3a.

Figure 3b.
  • Examine both sides of the "U" piece to be certain that all ends have been bent properly and that the side of the crabpot is smooth with no jagged edges sticking out. See Figures 3a and 3b.

Step 5.4

Figure 4.

  • Your crabpot should now resemble the one shown in Figure 4.

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