Building a Crabpot

Step 1.

Cutting and Shaping the "U" Pieces

Step 1.1

Figure 1.
A piece of wire 20 meshes long.

  • Cut a piece of wire 20 meshes in length (see Figure 1.)

Step 1.2

Figure 2.
Two-by-four placed where mesh 7 starts.

  • From the end of the wire, count over 6 meshes and place a two-by-four across where mesh 7 starts (see Figure 2.)

Step 1.3

Figure 3.
Bending the wire.

  • Using the two-by-four as a guide, bend the side up to form a 90-degree angle (see Figure 3.)

  • Perform the same procedure to the other end of the wire.

Step 1.4

Figure 4.
Properly bent section.

  • After both ends are bent, you will have a "U" shaped piece of wire (albeit a square one!) See Figure 4.

Step 1.5

Figure 5.
Double-check your work!

  • Once you have one "U" piece finished, double-check your work by comparing your bends to that of the wire width (see Figure 5.) The bends should exactly match the width of the wire (there is room for a little slop, but not much!)

  • Once you are certain that your bends are accurate, perform these same steps to a second piece of wire so that you end up with two identical "U" pieces.

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