when is the best season to crab and best timing as well

Started by gotuBCs, September 30, 2008, 03:31:02 PM

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Hi all,

I went to Bath, NC last week. Used turkey neck (they are floating at the begining and just wont sink), chick legs(lots of small fishes biting them) also some fish head (my dad prepared after his fishing trip). We got there 12:30pm and in 4 hours just caught 40 crabs. It was on a bank and the water is about 4 feet deep. Not sure where did we do wrong.

Experts please tell me when is the best season for crabbing in North Carolina and what time usually they bite the best. I am planning to go again although it is 2.5 hours one way trip. they are just delicious and cannot resist. Thank you all! :)


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First where in Bath did ya try? There is some good spots around here/there......but depth is the issue. Cooler weather will have the crabs going deeper, right now....large males around the 5' mark and above.....and are from North Creek up to Washington,NC(and  on other side of hwy17 bridge) If you dont mind another 45 min ride, it's well worth the trip to Lake Mattamuskeet, I have some good spots picked out down there. Will be going this weekend. Seems there is a period down there,where the crabs almost crawl up the banks, BUT YOU MUST GET THERE EARLY like right before/at sunrise, seems they bite pretty good for about the first 5 hours there then fizzles until about 3pm.
About your bait, yes turkey necks work, but not quite as well as chick necks or small menhaden. Take the skin, or silver like flesh off the necks, and make sure you lines have a weight of some sort to keep bait at bottom. Walmart sells rigged line comes like triangle shape with a 1 oz. egg weight. You can make your own using masonary brick line(comes in cool bright colors), use old thick washers and/or nuts for weights...tie them at end. Tie the necks to a loop close to the end toss in creek. Have any more questions feel free to ask ;D
Lots of crabbers and crab lovers on here. If you enjoy crabs, lot's of info and good chat about crabs. Why not go ahead and donate to this forum. Deep down after doing research on here and chatting with others,you will find useful info from some new friends.ENJOY!!


thanks for the info. I am not sure I want drive another 45 mins. In order to get there before the sunrise, i need to get up around 4am.
Also how deep the water you are talking about? I am not sure about the weight, Ido i really need those? I  see other bait like chicken legs just went down to the bottom and how further i should throw the line and bait off the bank? 6 feet , is that enough?  I just dont know where those babies like to be udner the water. I usually see the line gets tight then i just pull it carefully and use a net to catch it before the crab release. is that the right technique?