Steamer pot using live crabs

Started by Crabby chick, August 18, 2015, 12:52:35 AM

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Crabby chick

Last weekend I steamed up some live crabs (no CBC) and added some corn on top during the last 10 min of steaming. This went over big. Next weekend I think I will add some shrimp. Maybe potatoes, onion and I hear some people throw in a lemon halved. I was thinking of really going over the top and adding sausage or keilbasa. I just don't know if that would ruin the taste of the crabs. Also I'm assuming if you steam live, add the other food after they die. Or I could make it easy on my family (some don't like cleaning) and CBC. Any suggestions on adding other food to a pot of steamed crabs?


When vacationing in the lowcountry of South Carolina we do what I call is a lowcountry boil. Heat up a large pot of water seasoned with Old Bay, a Zatarans crab boil pouch and Texas Pete. Start off with placing in red potatoes, corn, beef sausage and a whole lemon cut in half and squeezed. I then add crab and add shrimp when everything else is done. All of this comes out delicious and is my favorite.

This is very similar to what you are describing with the exception of steaming. I believe steaming will not transfer the taste of the different additions as much as when boiling so most will keep its own flavor.

I like it when all the flavors are combined. I have heard of some adding fish and other seafoods to the mix.