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Started by NJ Grasshopper, March 05, 2003, 10:38:19 PM

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NJ Grasshopper

3/4/03 – "Hoppin through Northern Mississippi - Lookin for Restaurants with  Crustaceans"

- by the Southern New Jersey Grasshopper.

I traveled up I-55 through Mississippi today. I had a couple restaurants picked out I wanted to try as I drove North. My goal is to have some Mississippi Crawfish, (Crawdads to you Rebels!). It's been three years since I had good ones, .... and they were in Arkansas!

The first place on my list  was a place called "Crawdads". (What a great name - huh?) I pulled into the parking lot at 5:30 pm, mouth watering, and .......... they were closed down, boarded up, NO ONE THERE!!!

And I thought this place was going to be my best chance for some good crustaceans today. OK, I'll move on ....... the next place was called "Ed's Fish House". I got there around 6:30pm and -------- the name on the front was ..... (Ya ready for this)? ..............the "China Buffet". (Ol' Ed musta passed on). This was getting bad.

I had one more chance as I had prepared three possibilities for tonight. The "Catfish Cabin" was my last hope. Unfortunately, this was all the way up in Memphis by the airport. As I got closer, I could see the sign from a mile down the road. (See attached picture). A big ol' Blue Catfish, wink'in at me from afar sayin, "Come on in Grasshopper. We got crawdads". Well, .............. he was lie'in.

I went in: The Catfish Cabin       2846 Airways Blvd.      Memphis, Tn 38116                    901-345-2015

The menu started with:

Whole channel Catfish
Boneless fillet Catfish
Catfish w/shrimp
Catfish w/oysters
Catfish w/chicken
Catfish w/whiting (In season of course).
Catfish  w/flounder
Catfish  w/red snapper.

(I think the name off the place should'a tipped me off).

No crawdads anywhere on the menu!!

Oh well -- I ordered a bowl of ''peel & eat'' Shrimp & a Stuffed Crab dinner. At least I was going to see shells. (Sea Shells)????

While I was waiting, I ordered a 'Johnnie Walker Black' on the rocks ..... (Ya know, a normal shot of booze over a couple ice cubes). OK – so this 'girl' waitress, (I'm being real generous here), said – "all we have is scotch & whiskey and I dont know what kind it is. Ya gotta take what we have."

(When yer the only white  :-X- yankee :-\ in the place, ya don't argue).

Good thing too ----- I said "sure" and she brought me ---- get this ---- a full water tumbler of straight scotch!! Ohhhhhhhh boy!! (Ya can see it in the background of the second picture).

As soon as my drink hit the table, along came the obligatory house southern 'hush puppies' & home made coleslaw. Now ---- hushpuppies ain't my thing. They were good, but I ain't no puppy that needs to be hushed! I rather save room for real food.

The slaw however .......... Oh my ........
It was fabulous!!! I found out that in addition to a lot of sugar in the Mayo, they add a secret ingredient – Cinnamon!! One of the best slaws I've ever had.

With in 30 seconds – along came my "Peel and Eat" shrimp. Cold, cooked just right, (no 'paper shells), and a great cocktail sauce.     H O T !!!!! ;D

And just 'cause I forgot to mention that I liked my servings 'spaced' out, (to give me time to enjoy each of them), 2 minutes later - along comes the Stuffed Crab. I just had to rush the shrimp to get to the Crab while it was still hot.

I shouldn't have rushed so......what a disappointment!  :'( A great rendition of butter, peppers and bread crumbs, but [dang] little crab!!! And I could tell from the size of the shells that there was a good amount of meat -----it justa musta gotten into someone else's meal. Hey ..... ya know what ya do in a case like that???? Order another "small" drink! And I did.  :D

Total Bill = $16.50 !!!! I left that girl, (she was lookin younger by the minute), a five for a tip and still had a great meal for the money. Just no Crawdads!!!!   Y E T !!!

There's always tomorrow.

The "Southern New Jersey Grasshoppe" - Hoppin through the South

NJ Grasshopper

Another try for a attached picture.

NJ Grasshopper


I envy you... trying out all these new restaurants... must be fun!

You think you'll ever get to southern Texas? Houston area? Port Arthur/Beaumont to be more exact? Near the Texas/Louisiana border?

There's a restaurant there called Sartin's Seafood... it's a legend in those parts... supposedely make the best "Barbecue Crabs" known to man... deep fried hardshell blue crabs with a spicy seasoning mix applied (see my barbecue crabs recipe page at

If you ever get over there, please, please write up a review of the place!  :)

NJ Grasshopper

Steve --- yea, the travel to new areas, meeting people, and tryin new resturants ....... It's a great life and I appreciate  the luck I got to have such a job.

Yea, I'll get into Houston later this summer. (I was just there last month). I noted the info and I'll let ya know when I go.

Thanks for the kind words.



  Grasshopper..looks like your havin fun!!! ;D ;)

NJ Grasshopper

Absolutely Crabbyboy -- ya betch life.

My motto is 'think and plan for tomorrow, but eat and live for today'!!!  :D

And I'm having a ball.  (See my latest review).


  well grasshopper, enjoy the food and warm weather, because when ya get back to NJ... well lets just say it snowed more. ;)
have fun!!




What a wonderful review! Ye should be writing for the papers laddie.

I will gie ye some free advice on Scotch drinking. Mr Walker and the like are best used to clean encrusted crab pots. Putting ice and water in it is probably a good idea. Howsomever, the only fit drink for humans is the single malts. 12 year Macallan is my personal favorite. Ice and water should never be used in single malt. Well, ye may use ONE type of water if ye wish to bring oot the "nose". If ye are so lucky tae be standing at the spring/stream/loch that provides the water for the distillery of the malt ye may perform the only acceptable dilution thus. Sit in a comfortable spot, pour a wee dram into a glass, warm it between yer palms and tag a wee sniff. Dip yer hand intae the body of water, aloow it to drip for a moment and then gie a rapid "flick" in the direction of yer glass. A few wee drops should land in your glass. The malt will be at peace, your Scotch will be at peak and ye shall be a happy laddie. All other water destroys in seconds what has taken years to gain perfection. I fully doubt that the lassie tha waited yer table would know this, but experienced consumers and bartenders do.

Keep up the reviews laddie, it keeps those of us "docked" moving around. It was entertaining, humorous and informative. Just remember to ask what single malts they have. Pick any if they dinnae hae Macallan......"neat", straight....warm it, gaze at it for several moments, move it in the light to study it's color,  "nose" it, sip it.  Depending on the knowledge ae those aroond ye, they will either think ye daft or cool as the devil.

NJ Grasshopper

Mudfisher  -----

You are the type of man I aspire to become.  A 'Scotsman', (Which is second only to a good 'Black Irishman' -  that's a guy part Irish and part Scot), who loves crabbin and the finest beverage in the world. Now I haven't aquired or developed  the taste for the single malts that you have - yet. But I'm workin on it.

Last month, I bought a set of 'singles' to taste test. I don't want to invest in a whole bottle with the wide variety of types that are out there.

Here is the list I have purchased and my initial results for the first two. I would love your opinion on any or all of them!

Also, I will be partakin' of a bottle of Macallan just based on your imput. Thanks.

I have tried the first two of these six:

Oban - Mild, with 'Peaty' nose. Good choice for my tastes!  :)
Cragganmore - 'Flat' nose with Medicinal Taste - Not my type.  :(

[shadow=red,left,300]It's great to be startin the spring of '03......

(with a Scotch, don't ya know, .........the crabs and me).[/shadow]




Thank ye for yer kind words. Not sure if you have seen my E mail address, it is Obanlad. My family is from that city in Scotland. I have been in the Oban distillery many times and it was from the distiller that I learned the lesson about the use of water in Scotch. I always found Oban rather "medicinal", but drank it to be "true" to my roots. (half Irish as well). I have tasted the single malts at various "tastings" over the years and Macallan was the winner. Sad to say, it was not me that judged it as such, but rather the distillers themselves. They use the 25 year Macallan as the bench mark that they use to judge ALL the single malts. My kids bought me a bottle of 20 year (about 200 bucks) for our 25th anniversary. I usually drink the 12 year and it made me cry. Never saw 200 bucks it a bottle before.  All gone now, have hinted that I'm getting on in years etc....we shall see. Beer goes better with crabs and I can still afford tha.


NJ Grasshopper

I hadn't noticed the e-mail address, it's a small world when it comes to conversations and interests, huh!

Right on comments regarding the 'less expensive' brew. It is better on a hot summer day ..... with crabs anyway.