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Started by NJ Grasshopper, March 04, 2003, 10:10:38 PM

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NJ Grasshopper

March, 4th 2003   The Grasshopper – hoppin' through the South.

Dixie Springs Cafe

Picture this: It's early March in this Southern Mississippi small town -"Summit, MS". Around 6:30 in the evening and it's been overcast and rainy all day. It's about 60 degrees and very foggy as I pull into a parking lot. Well, not really a lot - (It's really a semi-circular drive where everyone pulls off into the middle of the pine trees and sand to park where ever they can find a place). I came looking for the local crustaceans. 'CRAWDADS' – (or Crawfish as the Yankees say!)

I went to this place as recommended by my local motel desk clerk. The problem was, (I found out later), that he never heard of "crawdads". But, when I asked for a seafood and steak place, he didn't hesitate to recommend:

"Dixie Springs Café"  3135 Hwy 51 North of Summit, Mississippi. 601-276-7517

For a Tuesday evening, it's very crowded in the lot. (By the way, I called four other restaurants and find out that none of them are open; very few are open on Mondays or Tuesdays in this area.) Any way, I look up after I park, and, in spite of what the name says ........ this is no Café!! It's a large two story structure, nestled in the southern yellow pines with large glass windows looking out over ...... humm – I couldn't tell. It was too dark.

I walked in and this (very), young lady, (aren't they all when you get a little older?), suggests the Rib Eye Steak after I ask her what their specialty is. I look at the menu and see several dishes with CRAWDADS. I say, "Ok. Give me a table".

Here's what I see that interests me:

Crawfish Enchilada w/jalapeno cheese.
Seafood platter - shrimp, oysters, catfish, fried crawfish tails.
Alligator nuqgets - fried
Fried crab claws
Corn & crabmeat bisque
Crawfish gumbo -
Ribeye Steak (after all, this is what was recommended)!

It's very 'Casual dress' with ''upper class'' atmosphere & surroundings. What I saw, ate and felt:

The Bus Staff ''hovers'' over you. (it may have been where I was seated--by the entry door to the room). Friendly, but not as unobtrusive as I would like.

Great choice from the bar on wine & liquor. (OK – so I imbibed a few).

This is one of the dinner experiences where I requested some time between each course - and they listened. They brought my dishes one at a time, instead of trying to run me out by bringing them all at the same time. Waiter - Steve, was attentive but not overly so. You can definitely tell when a service business – such as a restaurant, is understaffed. The good employees can't do the best job caring for their customers.

I started with a cup of their Seafood Gumbo. It was described as having Crawdads and Shrimp with Sausage. It came and was very good, but, (ready for this?), ---- there was no seafood in it!! A lot of tasty Andouille Sausage, great thick stock, rice, and veggies. But no Crawdads or Shrimp. That's what I ordered it for. Oh well!!!!

Next was a Crawfish Enchilada – a flour tortilla filled with crawfish tails w/Jalapeno cheese. Excellent!!!  (Of course I was on my third drink by now).

While the salad had nice varieties of greens - you can tell it was prepared well ahead of time. On a chilled plate in a fridge somewhere - Dried out. The Pepper Parmesan dressing however, was excellent . (Would have been nice with some chilled crawdad tails on it ..... or a least some crab meat).

Then – the Ribeye Steak - Sorry, not very tasty!!! Even after I drenched it in the 'glob' of butter that came with the bread. It was cooked to order – medium - but not 'seared' for best flavor. I like a steak best when it's really 'seared' over a real hot grill and then cooked to order.

The side dishes: The Baby carrots were way over cooked, (or they were previously frozen. Mushy like crabs get when frozen). The New potatoes - enhhh!! So-so. How can ya hurt them?

Ahaa! Then – Dessert. A 'Praline Cheese' cake drizzled w/caramel - oh boy!! This was the best. (An interesting side note. I come to find out that it is made – I'm serious now – by a neighbor lady "next door to the resturant"). Not New York style, but Verrrrrry Goooood.

Bill - $58 with tip, (and four drinks).

Overall, I went their looking for 'Crawdads' and Crab. They had very few choices on the menu that had them. (Sniff --- still a chance later this week as I make my way North to Jackson and Memphis). The other items on my "interested" list ----- I will come back to try them. Still, while this isn't in my top dozen in the nation, it's still pretty good for Southern Mississippi!!

If this review is of interest to enough of ya ........ let me know and I'll keep um comin. My main interest is seafood with an empahsis on our lovely crustacean friends.

I'll do two more reviews this week in Mississippi. (Jackson and Olive Branch). Next week - Two in Rapid City, South Dakota and One in Lincoln, Nebraska. (Brrrrrr). Then the last week of March - Two in Little Rock, and One in Hot Springs, Arkansas. By then, this will let me know how much interest there is.

Bye for now --- The Grasshopper – hoppin' through the South.


Keep the reviews coming!!

You're making me hungry!! :)

NJ Grasshopper

OK Master Steve ----

You get them transfered over to the "Resturants" section of the "Main menu - Industry & Trade"..... and I'll see what kind of interest we can generate.  :P