Delaware muzzle loader season.

Started by Gary S, October 15, 2017, 10:42:29 AM

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Gary S

  The season ended last evening with me watching a little doe and going home deerless. I'm getting old and lazy and I no longer sit out in the rain so I didn't hunt much last week but yesterday afternoon seemed dry so I went out about 2:00 to finish the season, around 5:20 a small doe showed up and with me having 4 doe tags I was tempted but she might have dressed out at 50 lbs and I just didn't feel like messing with it so no shot. Did anyone have a better week?


MD muzzle loader is the 19th to the 21st. But I will not be hunting. I might try to get out tomorrow evening with my Bow. I have a bunch of does to shoot and only have seen 2 possible shooter bucks on the camera. I do have 1 buck with a 4 inch drop tine that my friend got pictures of about 400 yards from my stand. Im hoping this is my year Im going to shoot a good buck. I have let over a dozen 4 and 6 pointers go this year. I was tempted on shooting a 8 pointer still in velvet the first week of bow season. It would have been my first velvet buck. But I just hope I will see it next year and he will be a 130 to 140 class buck if im lucky.
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