Ground hunting

Started by indoe, November 14, 2017, 11:11:21 PM

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I built a ground blind from sticks and leaves Sunday. I built it by the highway about 15ft from the fence. That is where is see the bigger bucks chasing the does. So I built the blind between two deer trails. I was sitting on a stump I dragged over. I wanted a close shot since you really can't see far when you are sitting down. I wanted to be able to draw back and shoot while sitting down. The less movement the better. So one trail was right in front maybe 5 yards away. The trail behind me was like 4 yards away. It looked like the one in front was used more so I brushed in the front. The back was wide open and only one side was covered. I expected the deer to come from my left so I brushed in that side. As I was walking in a jumped 3 deer right where I had my blind today. I sit down and wait. I was watching a you tube of this hunter who hunts from the ground. He calls himself the ninja. He says he gets set and does not move. So I took some of his advice and set up. Sat there and did not see a thing until almost dark. A buck came from the other side on the trail behind me. He was not big but he did not even know I was there. Walked right by me 12ft away. That was pretty cool. I was in the wide open and he had no idea. I turned when he passed me and I could have taken him if I wanted too. He was a small 8. It was a rush to be that close to a deer in the wide open and he had no idea I was there. I'm going to try this again later in the year at a different spot for does.
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As long as you don't move and they don't smell you, being on the ground is not a big problem.
I had one walk right up to me one time when I was standing in the open along the edge of a power line. It was standing there looking at me and I could have touched it with the end of the gun barrel. It finally walked on down the trail the exact way I had come from, when it smelled my trail it perked up a little but still just slowly wandered down the trail. I have killed many while standing on the ground hunting with my father, who is long gone. We would do little one man drives - one would go a couple of hundred yards down the woods and pick a spot to stand, the other would wait about 20-30 minutes and then sneak quietly through the woods until he reached the stander. You would be surprised how many deer just sneak along in front of the driver, I have shot quite a few when I could see my father coming through the woods.

Get some of that light weight, camouflage blind material that has the holes cut into it, drape it around some brush or cut a couple of saplings to drape it around and you have an instant blind that hides your silhouette and slight movements.