Dec. 2nd. 3rd doe down

Started by indoe, December 03, 2017, 09:14:33 AM

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I told Jimmycrab I would get him a deer. So I decided to go hunting. I was going to hunt no matter what.  :laugh: So I Am Looking to shoot a doe or a big buck if I'm lucky enough to see one. In the morning I have a spike show up and eat some corn then leave. Then I see 6 does coming towards me. I am thinking I will be able to shoot one in the morning and one in the evening. I make a lot of deer jerky and my family and friends love it. So I am thinking one for me one for Jimmycrab. But the does go towards the house next door then over the hill. Then another spike with one antler missing came in. He fed for a little and I saw some does from behind me. I thought they might come in. But I'm not sure if they scented me or the property owner playing with his dog spooked them. The spike kept an eye on the dog but never took off. The dog was I'm a fence and I'm sure the deer knew. So I get down a little later to warm up and get some food. I get into my stand at 2:30. Deer start moving around 3:30 but have had them on camera as early as 1:30. Just as 3:34 I look up on the hill and I see deer. Can't tell if they are going towards me until I look into the wood line and see a few more coming my way. They finally come towards me but 60 years away. I hunt with a bow year round on this property and my comfort zone is 30 yards. The first one crosses but the other ones stay back in the thick stuff. I finally get a look at them and they are all small bucks. Spikes and 4 pointers. One of the spikes comes and eats for a while. The others split up and go different directions. After a while the deer leaves and another small buck shows up. Then a few min later a doe shows up. I start to grab my bow when I see some more movement. Looks like 2 more deer are coming in. The small buck chases the doe away while the other 2 deer come in. When they get close I see they are a small spike and small 8 pointer. One comes into feed then the doe comes back. With the other buck right behind her. They must still be in the rut. As soon as I'm about to grab my bow again the buck chases the doe away again but he does not follow this time. Now all 4 bucks are feeding. They eat for a little then leave. As soon as they leave the doe comes back around. Comes in from behind me and I have my bow in my hand. It is quartering away so I aim a little bit back. Let an arrow fly then watch her take off. She ran the same direction as the last deer I shot. But she did not make it as far. She went 60 to 70 yards. I saw her crash and never get back up. Always nice to see them go down fast. Less tracking, fast kill and did I say less tracking.  :laugh: If she had come in any later I would have let her go. It was last light for me to shoot. If I can't see the deer or my pin I'm done for the day. That usually 5 to 10 min before legal shooting ends.
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Nice job!!! Looks like a nice juicy doe
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She had a lot of fat on her. She was chunky and im sure will be great eating.
Crabbing, Fishing and Hunting = Me happy!