New Smyrna Beach FL 4/1/18

Started by booman17, April 02, 2018, 08:40:17 AM

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I ended up going to Beuna Vista Park around sunrise to see if the crabbing had picked up from the previous months.  I was the only person there which made it nice.  I threw out 5 ring nets on a heavy incoming tide.  I ended up staying for two hours only netting two keeper male crabs.  I decided to move on to what appeared to be a newer pier at North Causeway Boat Ramp.  By this time it was a full high tide.  I stayed at this location for approx. two hours, again only netting to very decent size male crabs and about a dozen smaller crabs, which were thrown back.  My bait I used was chicken thighs.  I usually lean towards chicken backs but could not find those at the grocery store.  I think I will end up trying this location again later in the year as it appeared to show some promise and seems like the fishing traffic might be a little less. Looking to go again in a couple of weeks and may try heading towards the Canaveral area as I have never tried crabbing out that way.   


Thanks for the report! It is still a little early yet for that location. I was there on Sunday about noon but saw no crabbers and not too many fishermen.  Try there again in a about 4-6 weeks. The crabbers showed up 5-17-2017 last year.
I stopped at Goodriches yesterday also. There was an older couple crabbing there. They had a lot of small crabs but a couple of decent ones also.
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Starts on the North Causeway June 1st, more or less. Always best on the incoming tide. Get there really early or else good luck finding a spot. Aggressive Asians, making some extra money selling to the Chinese buffets. True at least on the main pier.  A good alternative is the National Seashore. Go close to the end and there are some docks on the right hand side that produce a lot of crabs June to August. Much calmer and more relaxed. Hope you do well this summer.


Gnifrus, Great to hear you are still active! I was at Spruce Creek Park yesterday and there was a fella there crabbing. He only had three males after 2 hours.
He said he was there a couple of weeks ago and filled a cooler in three hours. You are correct about the Buena Vista  North causeway docks!
By June and through August that place can be a zoo on weekends. During the week it's not too bad. By September the crabbers are usually gone and the fishermen start showing up again for the winter.
For me March, April and May are my slowest times for crabs. Bigger ones can be hard to find.
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