J.O. Brand Crab Seasoning


J.O. Brand Crab Seasoning


Tin of J.O. #1 Seasoning
Ingredients: Salt, Mustard, Red Pepper, Celery, Paprika, Cracked Red Pepper,
Black Pepper, Thyme, Ginger, Laurel Leaves, Mace, Cinnamon.


The J.O. Spice Company, Inc. was established in 1945 by J.O. (James Ozzle) Strigle and his wife Dot (Dorothy). J.O. was born and raised on Tangier Island, Virginia, a small island in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay where everyone's livelihood depended on seafood... whether it be crabs, fish or oysters. The island's shoremen would take spices from the pantry and blend them based on recipes, which had been handed down through the centuries, to cook wonderful dishes of steamed crabs, fish, oysters and clams.

J.O. decided it would be an excellent idea to market these blends so he and Dot started a business in a small storefront on Pratt Street in Baltimore City. There, they mixed spices in a porcelain basin and took them to the nearby wholesale fish and seafood market for sale to the market's customers.

In just a few years the business grew and J.O. seasonings became very sought after products by the wholesale seafood industry, crab houses and restaurants for the new steamed crab industry. Today, the company supplies seasonings to 90% of crab houses and seafood restaurants worldwide.

J.O. passed away in 1974 and the operation was continued by Dot until her retirement. The company has remained a family operation with her daughter, Jane, and grandson Donald, as owners who take great pride in the company's commitment to providing fast, friendly, personalized service and "supplying seasonings and spices at reasonable prices."

The company sells two main seasoning blends, J.O. #1, an all-purpose seafood seasoning, and J.O. #2, a ready-mix made specifically for steaming crabs (it's actually J.O. #1 with added coarse flake salt.)

To order J.O. seasonings, please visit their website at:

J.O. Spice Company


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