Morton Coarse Kosher Salt


Morton Coarse Kosher Salt is available nationwide and is perfect for steaming crabs.

Table salt is made by driving water into a salt deposit and evaporating the brine that is formed, leaving dried cube-like crystals that look like granulated sugar. Sea salt, which comes in fine or coarse crystals, is made from sea water that has been trapped and evaporated. The fine crystals resemble table salt, while the coarse crystals look like the grains on soft pretzels. Kosher salt is made in much the same way as table salt, except that it is raked continuously during the evaporation, giving it a lighter and flakier texture.

Many cooks insist they taste differences among these salts, particularly between iodized table salt and the others. Table salt often is mixed with iodine to prevent goiter and as an anti-caking agent, but many chefs claim it has an "off" taste, so they prefer kosher salt, which has no additives.


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