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O'Neal's Sea Harvest, Inc.
Wanchese, North Carolina

Located on the beautiful Outer Banks of North Carolina, O'Neal's Sea Harvest is a wholesale seafood distributor located in the small fishing community of Wanchese. O'Neal's supplies fresh, locally caught blue crab, shrimp, and fish to stores up and down the Atlantic coast. The people who run the shop are courteous and friendly, so stop in and say "hello" when you're in the area!

Hard Crabs

(Click for Soft Shell Crabs)

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Bushels of live hard crabs are delivered to the loading dock.

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Unloaded, the bushel baskets are weighed, stacked, and hauled inside.

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Inside, the bushels are opened and the crabs are culled and sorted by size.

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The sorted bushels of live hard crabs are stacked on pallets and prepared for loading.

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The bushels are loaded into refrigerated trucks for delivery up and down the coast.

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This shipment is headed almost 300 miles away to Fishing Creek, Maryland!


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