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Soft Crab Shedding Systems
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Blue Crab Shedding Systems: Determining Water Volume and Preparing Artificial Seawater.
Author: Perry, Harriet M.

Crab Shedding-System Designs.
Author: Jackson, Don; Sweat, Don

Design of Recirculating Blue Crab Shedding Systems.
Author: Malone, Ronald F.; Burden, Daniel G.

Diluting Water Quality Samples for Soft Crab Shedding.
Author: Hochheimer, John

Economic and Business Considerations for Small-Scale Soft Crab Production.
Author: Oesterling, Mike; Adams, Chuck.

Effect of Ammonia Accumulation on Blue Crab Shedding Success, The
Author: Lakshmi, G. J.; Trigg, Christine M.; Perry, Harriet M.; Venkataramiah, A.

Feasibility Analysis for a Public Crab Shedding Facility in Salem County, New Jersey.
Author: Henderson, Nona R.; Strombom, Dan B.; Tweed, Stewart M.

Heating Soft Crab Shedding Systems.
Author: Oesterling, Mike

Manual for Handling and Shedding Blue Crabs ("Callinectes sapidus").
Author: Oesterling, Michael J.

Shedding Soft Crabs in a Closed Well-Water System.
Author: Wescott, Wayne

Soft-Shelled Crabs: Onboard Shedding for Extra Income.
Author: Supan, John; Horst, Jerald; Bankston, David

Soft-Shelled Crab Production: Options and Opportunities.
Author: Horst, Jerald

Using Water Quality Conversion Tables for Soft Crabbing.
Author: Hochheimer, John

Water Quality in Soft Crab Shedding.
Author: Hochheimer, John

Water Quality of Two Closed Recirculating Soft Shell Crab Shedding Facilities.
Author: Gates, Keith W.; EuDaly, Jackie G.; Parker, Amanda H.; Pittman, Laura A.



Commercial Processing
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Composting Blue Crab Processing Waste
Author: Cathcart, T. P.; Wheaton, F. W.; Brinsfield, R. B.; Lipton, D. W.; Strand, I. E.; Swartz, D. G.

A Plan to Improve the Competitiveness of the Blue Crab Processing Industry and the Quality of Crab Meat Products in the U.S. Marketplace.
Author: Correa, Angela I.; Chorba, Mark

Recovery of Minced Meat from Blue Crab Picking Plant By-Products.
Author: Gates, Keith W.; Parker, Amanda H.

Thermal Processing Quality and Safety Considerations for the Blue Crab Industry.
Author: Gates, Keith W.; Parker, Amanda H.; Bauer, Diana L.; Huang, Yao-wen; Rippen, Thomas E.



Listed Alphabetically

Blue Crab Recruitment Dynamics in Chesapeake Bay: A Review of Current Knowledge.
Author: Smith, David E.; Knappenberger, Mariana

The May 93 North Edisto Ingress Experiment (NED1)
Author: Blanton Jack; Amft Julie; Verity Peter



Listed Alphabetically

Blue Crab: Beautiful Swimmer/The Life Cycle of a Crab, The (poster).
Author: Ray, Robert; Coleman, Elizabeth

Coastal Fishing '97: Use of Louisiana's Blue Crab Resource.
Author: Roberts, Kenneth J.; Guillory, Vince

Delaware's Blue Crab.
Author: Hall, William R. Jr.

Evaluation of Fisheries Resource Data Collection, Analysis and Availability: An Example Protocol Using the Blue Crab.
Author: Eggleston, David B.; McKenna, Sean

Fish Facts for Florida Consumers--Blue Crab.
Author: Sweat, Don E.

Laws, Regulations and Environmental Factors and their Potential Effects on the Stocks and Fisheries for the Blue Crab, "Callinectes sapidus," in the Chesapeake Bay Region, 1880 -1940.
Author: Van Engel, Willard A.

Regulating the Blue Crab, "Callinectes sapidus", Fishery of Virginia: Biological and Economic Concerns.
Author: Kirkley, James E.; DuPaul, William D.; Oesterling, Michael

Social and Economic Impacts of Growth of the Blue Crab Fishery in North Carolina.
Author: Maiolo, John; Williams, Claudia; Kearns, Ruth; et al.

Taking Action for the Blue Crab: Managing and Protecting the Stock and its Fisheries.
Author: Maryland Sea Grant

Virginia's Blue Crab Pot Fishery: The Issues and the Concerns.
Author: Rhodes, Anne; Shabman, Leonard


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